If you cannot conceive after 12 months of unprotected sex, fertility issues are possible. The problem could occur to one or both partners. Hence testing should be done after one year of trying to conceive if you are 35 years or above. Between 37 to 40 years of age, specialist consultation is important.
It depends on the needs of the couple and the treatment involved. A visit to the clinic is a must to discuss the problem, evaluate and decide on the treatment. The basic IVF treatment starts from INR 95,000.00.
Due to infertility, many couples have to opt for other methods to get a child. It is a stepwise approach keeping in mind the age of the couple. On average 5 to 6 cycles can be tried. Check out our service section to know the different methods to enjoy parenthood.
The procedures depend on factors like the age of the two partners, years of married life and the purpose of egg collection. It happens after a period of injections and stimulation. Egg retrieval is an in-house process guided by ultrasound. The unused eggs can be donated to another infertile couple, or saved for a future transfer. Social freezing and ovarian reserve are based on Anti Mullerian Hormone and Antral follicle count. Eggs can be frozen for ten years.
It is the most exciting and final part of the pregnancy journey. It is implanted in the uterus to grow. They will attach to the uterine lining and no pain is involved. You stay awake during the procedure. We will provide support with medication and care for the pregnancy term.
We handle male fertility issues in our clinic. Please visit the link to know how you can still have a baby.
Not at all. We have expert doctors who have experience in using this treatment successfully. During egg collection, anaesthesia is given. Our clinic is equipped with advanced technology and qualified teams to make the IVF treatment positive. It also depends on the course of infertility and the success rate is about 50 to 60%.
Please check out the services page to know about the other options related to fertility.
No harm to the baby to be born. WOMB is proud to have delivered several normal children through different procedures. Our patients are highly satisfied with the services we offer.
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