Myths and Facts about IVF


myths and facts ivf

Most of the couples who are unable to conceive look for solutions on the internet which do not give the right answers and in turn raise a lot of questions. Hence it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a specialist who can provide the right way.

One the most popular ways is IVF short for In Vitro Fertilisation which is a complex process and can be explained only by a medical professional.

Lets look at some of the misunderstanding prevailing in today’s scenario about IVF as is the case for any complex medical  treatment and try to dispel some myths.

Myth 1IVF babies have a lot of abnormalities.

Fact :      There is no difference in the congenital abilities of babies born through IVF and the babies born normally.

Myth 2 : IVF always results in twins and triplets.

Fact :      While it is true that multiple pregnancies are common in IVF treatment, it is also true that elective single embryo transfer is possible through advanced ART techniques.

Myth 3 :   Only Young couples are benefitted through IVF

Fact :  IVF works well with older couples but less efficiently compared to younger couples

Myth 4 : The process of IVF is very expensive

Fact  : Advancements in technology have made IVF very cost effective which was not the case in the past

Myth 5 : Would be mothers who go through IVF have to take bed rest all through the pregnancy

Fact :  Women who opt for IVF can lead their normal lives, go to work or a holiday after they conceive. It is not necessary to be on the bed all the time.

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